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2022 CNX Foundation Year-In-Review: Appalachia First Vision Puts the Region’s Families and Communities at the Heart of its Tangible, Impactful and Local Commitment

Over the last year, CNX Foundation invested $3.3 million in support of the employees, communities, families and neighborhoods that span southwestern Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and Ohio.

“We have a vision for the future that embraces innovation and harnesses the talent, resources, and opportunities of Appalachia to transform our region, nation, and the world.” - Nick DeIuliis, President and Chief Executive Officer, CNX Resources Corporation

Appalachia First

In 2022, CNX Resources put wheels behind its longstanding commitment to the people and communities of Appalachia in launching its strategic vision for the region, Appalachia First. Through this lens, CNX aspires to serve as a catalyst for a new middle class – one that leverages all the opportunities a natural gas economy offers.

CNX Foundation – the philanthropic arm of CNX Resources – is a key driver of this vision. Over the last year, CNX Foundation invested $3.3 million in support of the employees, communities, families and neighborhoods that span southwestern Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and Ohio.

From food banks to firefighters, from domestic violence awareness to empowering the housing insecure, CNX Foundation funded projects with organizations committed to making a tangible, impactful and local difference in their communities. Embracing seven key pillars — food insecurity, children’s health and wellness, broadband and information technology access, domestic abuse and awareness, career awareness and technical/vocational training, water quality and safety awareness — and the Mentorship Academy, CNX Foundation is taking a holistic approach to address the region’s acute and long-term needs.

“We are proud of everything we were able to accomplish last year,” said Brian Aiello, Vice President of External Relations for CNX Resources and CNX Foundation Board Chair. “The momentum we gained in 2022 is incredibly exciting and we are looking forward to providing long-term, sustainable returns and a positive impact on the social fabric of our region.” 

Philanthropic Investments

In 2022, CNX Foundation funded 55 initiatives, including support for townships, fire departments and police departments across the Appalachian basin. In addition, the Foundation funded programs with the following partners: 

CNX Foundation takes long-term strategic planning as well as acute needs into funding consideration. When flooding devastated Buchanan County, VA, the Foundation contributed nearly $90,000 in flood relief, including contributions to the American Red Cross and the United Way. That was an immediate need – other initiatives, like funding Blueprint’s “2-Generation, Whole Family Approach Strategy,” embrace a long-term goal helping committed families over time to succeed at educational, career, financial and wellness goals.

Mentorship Academy

In 2022, 60 students joined the second year of CNX Foundation’s Mentorship Academy, an initiative designed for high school students who do not plan to immediately attend a four-year college. With a focus on providing urban and rural youth from economically disadvantaged regional Appalachian communities with greater opportunities, the Mentorship Academy helps students find family-sustaining careers. Founded by CNX Resources President and CEO Nick DeIuliis to help young people realize their full potential and discover opportunities for upward mobility, the program is a key part of the Appalachia First strategy. 

“Our Mentorship Academy prepares youth for new opportunities in the natural gas economy while supporting pathways into other industries and career paths,” said DeIuliis. “Last year, CNX increased its talent pool by hiring six Mentorship Academy students. These new employees, nurtured by their mentors, now have relationships with peers and business leaders, as well as enthusiasm for the region’s career opportunities and vital support in pursuing those careers.” 


In December, CNX Foundation announced UPMC/CNX M.O.V.E.S., a collaboration with UPMC to identify career opportunities for Mentorship Academy students in the healthcare sector. The program is launching with UPMC Orthopaedics and UPMC Hillman Cancer Center. The goal of the program is to help students identify entry points in the healthcare field, exposing them to the wide variety of paths their careers could take, whether it’s radiation technology, nursing, pharmacy or, someday, practicing medicine or conducting cancer research.

“We are excited to work with CNX on the M.O.V.E.S. initiative,” said MaCalus V. Hogan, M.D., chair of Orthopaedic Surgery, UPMC, and David Silver Professor and Chair, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. “We look forward to providing valuable mentorship and career development opportunities through UPMC Orthopaedics and UPMC Hillman Cancer Center that set students up for successful careers across the spectrum of healthcare.” 

The HQ at CNX

The HQ™ at CNX Resources also flourished in 2022. The HQ™ provides space for nonprofits and minority and women-owned business enterprises to work while collaborating and networking with similarly-minded companies. Last year, eight companies moved into the HQ™: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh, Dress for Success Pittsburgh, K&J Cafe and Catering, Leadership Washington County, The Language and Behavior Center, Transitional Paths to Independent Living (TRPIL), True Fit Marketing and Waynesburg University. 

The HQ™ concept helps organizations expand the geographic region they serve by offering exposure to additional counties. This extends the organizations’ reach while fulfilling their philanthropic goals. In many ways, the HQ™ is the physical embodiment of Appalachia First, bringing together groups dedicated to improving lives across the region and building on their natural synergy and drive.

“The HQ is a great opportunity for our nonprofit to meet with others to discuss opportunities to partner,” said Shona Eakin, TRPIL/VFI CEO. “We believe this satellite workspace facility will be a good spot for our human resources department to interview potential direct care workers that support our consumers, as well as other staff members because of its proximity to Allegheny County. This will be a great space to collaborate, come up with new ideas and solutions for critical issues in our community.” 

CNX Impact

In December, CNX Foundation wrapped its annual Impact campaign that empowered employee teams to identify and lead community giving programs.

“Impact is an opportunity for employees to direct giving to communities where they see the most need,” said Hayley Scott, Chief Risk Officer of CNX Resources. “My team participated in food and toy drives and helped decorate the Washington City Mission food hall for Thanksgiving, while other Impact teams identified specific programs across our operating area. It’s inspiring to look back on the work accomplished and to see how our employee-directed effort extended CNX’s giving reach to truly maximize impact.”

Through the program, participating employees worked on executive-led teams to identify specific community areas of most impact. The latest campaign began in mid-November and wrapped at year’s end, resulting in more than $185,000 in community grants and 650 employee hours volunteered.

Over the course of the November/December campaign, employees accomplished the following:

  • Volunteered over 650 hours between November and December
  • Packed 36,000 pounds (1,650 boxes) of food, 800 holiday bags and 600 children’s bags for Washington Food Helpers
  • Packed 326 boxes of dry goods for Corner Cupboard Food Bank
  • Distributed food among 1,209 vehicles across five distributions
  • Participated in food drives for Corner Cupboard Food Bank and Good Samaritan Food Bank, collecting 1,131 pounds of canned food
  • Donated 50 meals to Family Pines Retirement Home
  • Sponsored 90 children during the Christmas season, ensuring they would receive gifts under the tree
  • Donated over 600 toys for Toys for Tots, the LeMoyne Center and Blueprints families
  • Fed Thanksgiving Dinner to over 225 people with Faithbridge Community Church – K&J Cafe closed for the afternoon so meals could be prepared in its kitchen
  • Made $9,000 in employee contributions, including a CNX Foundation employee match

With one of the largest, most efficient and environmentally sustainable sources of natural gas in the world, Appalachia is poised to become a leader for the new natural gas economy. The philanthropic investments, the HQ™, CNX Impact and the Mentorship Academy work in concert together to support the people who call Appalachia home, so underprivileged and underserved community members can be poised to succeed. Last year was just the start of a multi-faceted approach to bring this vision to life. CNX Foundation is excited to continue making tangible, impactful and local differences in the years to come.

CNX Foundation is dedicated year-round to supporting organizations that embrace opportunities to make a positive impact in their Appalachian communities. To learn more about the Foundation, visit www.cnx.com/about-us/cnx-foundation.


About CNX Foundation

The CNX Foundation is a registered 501c(3) philanthropic organization that invests tangibly, impactfully, and locally, targeting urban and rural communities within the Appalachian Basin that face socio-economic challenges. With a commitment of $30 million over six years and a focus on underserved populations, the CNX Foundation seeks to set a new standard for how corporations engage with their communities. Additional information, including funding criteria and grant application details can be found at www.cnx.com/foundation.

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