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Transformational Lifestyle Coach Maria Allshouse Moves into The HQ at CNX™

Allshouse practices client-centered coaching with a focus on “deep health.”

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By Positive Energy Hub Staff


“Lead from the future – act in the now.”

Maria Allshouse received this direction from one of her mentors, and she often shares it with her clients as she coaches them toward becoming who they ultimately want to be in terms of their overall health and well-being.

“It can be harder than you would think to become the vision of yourself you have in your head, especially when it comes to health,” said Allshouse. She has practiced lifestyle coaching for nearly nine years, focusing on what she terms “deep health.” In her experience, two pillars stand out as the cornerstones of holistic health: sleep and stress. “If one or both of those areas are off, then it can dramatically influence other areas of health.”

When Allshouse learned that The HQ at CNX™ had space available to affordably lease, she was excited to move her business out of her home and into a professional space. Dedicated to providing space for non-profit, charitable, underserved, women and minority-owned and underrepresented organizations, The HQ at CNX offers affordable, professional office space for organizations to elevate their businesses while collaborating with similarly-minded professionals. These businesses have different missions, but they share a commitment to improving the lives of individuals and families throughout our region. Together, these organizations are creating a community that brings CNX’s Appalachia First vision to life, providing long-term, positive impacts across the Appalachian basin.

Allshouse understands firsthand how difficult change can be. Over fourteen years ago, she grappled with her physical health and her mental well-being.

“I was pre-diabetic and I had a high risk of heart disease. I was considered morbidly obese, trapped in a cycle of chronic dieting and disordered eating,” said Allshouse. She faced a pivotal choice: continue on the path she was on, which included health complications and emotional distress, or open herself up to transformation.

Within two years, Allshouse lost 130 pounds and worked her way to becoming an Olympic triathlete and half-marathoner. During this time, in addition to changing her physical health, her sense of purpose changed as well. Despite a successful corporate career, Allshouse knew she needed to help others embark on their wellness journeys.

“Becoming truly healthy, both emotionally and physically, expanded my horizons,” said Allshouse. “It ignited a passion within me to guide others toward a healthier lifestyle. My personal victory fuels my success with clients today.” Allshouse provides individual and group lifestyle coaching. In addition, she’s a certified weight management coach, holistic nutritionist, and keynote speaker. In 2019, Allshouse’s company won an award for Women-Owned Business of the Year in her community, and in 2020, she received the community’s Woman of the Year Award.

One of her clients, Shelley, has struggled off and on with her health over the years. The isolation of COVID and maintaining a C-suite career didn’t help. Working with Allshouse has helped her reverse that trajectory and take control of her health.

“I especially appreciate how Maria breaks things down into manageable steps,” Shelley said. “I’ve been working on my sleep, and right now, I’m focusing on hydration. You don’t have to do everything all at once like you sometimes feel you should. Making step-by-step changes has really helped bring me closer to my goal.”

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