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Sapphire Technologies Reaches New Milestone in Reducing Global Carbon Footprint

Three strategic partnerships are helping the company deliver largest deployment of turboexpander systems in the US to date

Sapphire Technologies, developer and manufacturer of energy recovery systems for hydrogen and natural gas applications, is set to ship its largest number of turboexpanders to date, marking a key partnership milestone with leading US energy infrastructure company, Tallgrass and Evolve Energy, a leading critical infrastructure and data center service company. The delivery of the four turboexpanders marks the first out of 72 — currently the largest installation of turboexpander technology in the world.

Sapphire Technologies has significantly grown its customer base in the last year and is projected to increase its turboexpander production by over 400% by the end of the year. In April, the company announced a deal with leading natural gas development, production, midstream, and technology company CNX Resources to develop a FreeSpin® In-line Turboexpander solution for high-pressure service, which will harvest waste energy and generate zero-emissions electricity. Each FreeSpin® system generates up to 2.6 GWh of clean energy each year and offsets 2,000 tons of CO2e from the atmosphere.

“Our strategic partnerships with Tallgrass, Evolve Energy and CNX Resources are critical as each of the companies plays a major role in the continued adoption of decarbonization technologies,” said Freddie Sarhan, CEO at Sapphire Technologies. “We are excited to see continued growth in our partnerships. By working with major players in the energy industry — we are able to leverage our turboexpander technology to reduce carbon footprint and help move us closer to reaching net zero targets.”

“We are thrilled to be actively working towards bringing edge-computing data centers into the realm of clean energy. This groundbreaking initiative provides mission-critical infrastructure solutions while contributing to a greener, more sustainable future. Our Strategic Partnerships enable possibilities to deploy advanced technology that intelligently adapts to varying temperatures, pressures, and flow rates throughout the natural gas pipeline network,” said Tye Johnson, CEO at Evolve Energy.

“This is an exciting milestone in our work with Sapphire Technologies. We look forward to installing the turboexpander technology later this year and taking an essential step towards capturing wasted energy and providing firm decarbonized power to customers.” said Justin Campbell, VP - Power & Transmission at Tallgrass.

“The important work we are doing with Sapphire Technologies allows us to supply new process solutions with the turboexpander technology to our existing assets to generate zero emissions electricity in the heart of Appalachia – a region we have called home for nearly 160 years,” said Ravi Srivastava, CNX President of New Technologies.

Sapphire Technologies’ rate of employee growth has increased by 220% over the past year, powering the company's investment in developing energy recovery systems and helping to reduce global carbon footprint.


About CNX Resources

CNX Resources Corporation (NYSE: CNX) is unique. We are a premier, ultra-low carbon intensive natural gas development, production, midstream, and technology company centered in Appalachia, one of the most energy abundant regions in the world. With the benefit of a 159-year regional legacy, substantial asset base, leading core operational competencies, technology development and innovation, and astute capital allocation methodologies, we responsibly develop our resources and deploy free cash flow to create long-term per share value for our shareholders, employees, and the communities where we operate. As of December 31, 2022, CNX had 9.81 trillion cubic feet equivalent of proved natural gas reserves. The company is a member of the Standard & Poor's Midcap 400 Index. Additional information is available at www.cnx.com.


About Tallgrass

Tallgrass is a leading energy infrastructure company focused on safely, reliably and sustainably delivering the energy and services that fuel homes and businesses and enable quality of life. We are committed to being at the forefront of efforts to decarbonize our world. An investor group led by Blackstone Infrastructure Partners, which includes Enagás SA, GIC, NPS and USS, owns the outstanding equity interests in Tallgrass. Learn more at https://tallgrass.com


About Evolve Energy

Established in 2004 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, Evolve specializes in the deployment of mission critical infrastructure solutions for all market verticals. The principles of Evolve have been professionally dedicated to the industry serving private and public entities across the Americas, Canada, Europe and Africa. Evolve has hundreds of years of combined expertise within their organization and has completed thousands of critical infrastructure projects with their in-house team. Since 2004, Evolve’s mission continues serving their clients as trusted advisors in all facets of the mission critical infrastructure lifecycle planning, design, deployment and management. For additional information visit: https://www.evolveincorporated.com/


Sapphire Technologies is driving global decarbonization through developing and manufacturing energy recovery systems that harness the power of gas expansion to produce reliable and clean electricity. Sapphire Technologies’ systems are designed to convert energy wasted in pressure reduction processes into electric power without interrupting operations. By recovering this wasted pressure energy, Sapphire Technologies helps customers reduce carbon emissions, meet ESG goals, offset electrical costs and achieve substantial financial returns. For additional information visit: https://www.sapphiretechnologies.com.


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