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Turning Waste Heat Into Clean Energy

A technology start-up that converts waste exhaust heat into emission-free power is deploying its technology locally through a new partnership with CNX Resources.

The pilot partnership between ICE Thermal Harvesting and CNX Resources will enable CNX to capture heat from compression sites to generate 100% emission-free, on-site power. The sustainability effort is part of CNX’s Appalachia First vision that seeks to develop local natural gas responsibly for regional manufacturing use.

“Our initial pilot project with ICE makes good business and environmental sense – and it’s part of our Appalachia First vision to identify and deploy innovative technologies that drive operational efficiencies, environmental progress, and commercial excellence,” said CNX President of New Technologies Ravi Srivastava.

Deployed at CNX’s Dry Ridge compressor station in the West Virginia panhandle, the power generated from ICE Thermal Harvesting’s patented process is used to power CNX operations. CNX compressor stations gather natural gas from nearby wells and transmit it to points of use and distribution through the Appalachian region.

“ICE Thermal Harvesting sees opportunity where others see waste,” said ICE co-founder Carrie Murtland.

The initial pilot project phase will produce about half-a-megawatt of electricity and reduce 1,325 metric tons of CO2 annually, scaling up to 4,000 metric tons annually through later phases.

The emissions savings are equivalent to taking nearly 1,000 cars off the road for a year, according to EPA calculations.

“Working alongside innovators like CNX, we continue to demonstrate that energy producers can cost-effectively address on-site power needs while reducing carbon emissions,” Murtland said.

CNX’s Appalachia First vision informs the company’s sustainability partnerships by implementing innovative technologies and initiatives to produce and use more local natural gas. This partnership is the latest example of CNX’s dedication to responsibly developing resources while decreasing carbon emissions throughout its operations.


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