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Producing Natural Gas On-Site for Sustainable Aviation Fuel – That’s Cool

Will Pittsburgh’s airport of the future convert on-site natural gas produced from beneath the property into sustainable aviation fuels? That sustainable integration is one step closer to reality thanks to a renewed partnership for CNX Resources to develop dry Utica shale gas from wells on the airport’s property.


Once the Utica wells come online, CNX will use proprietary technology to cost-effectively convert the on-site dry natural gas into liquified natural gas (LNG), compressed natural gas (CNG) and electricity for various uses, including Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) and hydrogen.

“We will produce, process, and consume these natural gas-based products locally first, and in doing so, unleash countless downstream economic opportunities and help jumpstart the hydrogen economy, leverage the region’s unrivalled work ethic, create family-sustaining jobs, better the region’s underserved communities, and revitalize Appalachia’s middle class in a new, lower carbon economic ecosystem,” CNX President and CEO Nick Deluliis said in a release.

Through the partnership, PIT can use these locally sourced, lower-cost, lower-carbon intensity LNG and CNG as fuel for different forms of transportation, including airlines, cargo, transit, military, fleet, and other energy-intensive business purposes. ​

Both CNX and PIT hope their partnership can be an example of an innovative, near-term solution to the gap between the pledges to reduce carbon footprints and the ability for companies to actually meet those carbon reduction goals.

“Airlines and the entire industry in general are under enormous pressure to lower their carbon footprint and output,” Christina Cassotis, CEO of PIT, commented. ​ “A lot of these folks have committed to reductions by 2030 and aren’t sure they’re going to be able to meet their goals if they don’t do something pretty big, and we think this is part of the solution.”

CNX’s innovative technology, soon to be deployed at PIT, can highlight the potential role for natural gas as fuel to help the aviation industry decarbonize.

“LNG is improving as a potential aviation going forward,” said CNX’s Chief Excellence Officer, Yemi Akinkugbe. “The key is getting the industry to embrace LNG as a sustainable aviation fuel. We’re saying this is an alternative that has a low cost, a much lower emissions signature, and also benefits the region.”

CNX and PIT’s partnership strategy is an opportunity to make a global impact on reducing emissions now and expects to begin operations sometime in 2023-2024.

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A news service from CNX Resources focused on energy innovation, energy advocacy, and community engagement.